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This image is for testing and development purposes only. Use Flex helm charts for production setups.


Docker monolith image packaging for Gluu Flex. This image packs janssen services including the auth-server, config-api, fido2, casa, scim and the Gluu admin ui.



See Releases for stable versions. This image should never be used in production. For bleeding-edge/unstable version, use gluufederation/monolith:5.0.0_dev.

Environment Variables#

The following environment variables are supported by the container:

ENV Description Default
CN_HOSTNAME Hostname to install gluu with.
CN_ADMIN_PASS Password of the admin user. 1t5Fin3#security
CN_ORG_NAME Organization name. Used for ssl cert generation. Gluu
CN_EMAIL Email. Used for ssl cert generation.
CN_CITY City. Used for ssl cert generation. Austin
CN_STATE State. Used for ssl cert generation TX
CN_COUNTRY Country. Used for ssl cert generation. US
IS_FQDN_REGISTERED If a DNS record has been added for the docker vm. false
CN_INSTALL_CONFIG_API Installs the Config API service. true
CN_INSTALL_SCIM Installs the SCIM API service. true
CN_INSTALL_FIDO2 Installs the FIDO2 API service. true
CN_INSTALL_CASA Installs the Casa service. true
CN_INSTALL_ADMIN_UI Installs the Admin UI service. true
MYSQL_DATABASE MySQL gluu flex database. gluu
MYSQL_USER MySQL database user. gluu
MYSQL_PASSWORD MySQL database user password. 1t5Fin3#security
MYSQL_HOST MySQL host. mysql which is the docker compose service name

How to run#

Download the compose file:


This docker compose file runs two containers, the flex monolith container and mysql container.

docker compose -f flex-mysql-compose.yml up -d

To view the containers running:

docker compose -f flex-mysql-compose.yml ps

Configure Gluu flex#

  1. Access the Docker container shell using:

    docker compose -f flex-mysql-compose.yml exec flex sh
  2. Grab a pair of client_id and client_pw(secret) from or /opt/jans/jans-setup/

  3. Use the CLI tools located under /opt/jans/jans-cli/ to configure Gluu flex as needed. For example you can run the TUI:

    python3 /opt/jans/jans-cli/

Access endpoints externally#

Add to your /etc/hosts file the ip domain record which should be the ip of the instance docker is installed at and the domain used in the env above CN_HOSTNAME.

# For-example

After adding the record you can hit endpoints such as

Clean up#

Remove setup and volumes

docker compose -f flex-mysql-compose.yml down

Last update: 2024-05-14
Created: 2022-10-11